The City of Moore Haven services include electric, water, and wastewater for both residential and commercial customers. The City also furnishes electric and water to Washington Park and water only to Bowdens Subdivision, Countryside Meadows, Branch’s Circle Subdivision and Glades Little Ranches.


Residential Deposit Schedule for Utilities



Prior to reconnection of a service disconnected for non-payment, a fee of $10.00-20.00 shall be assessed based on services. For the reconnection of any service that has been previously disconnected for non-payment, a fee of $40.00 shall be assessed for one or two services. Any services reconnected after 4pm are subject to an after hours fee of $80.00 for one or two services.

Meter Testing Policy

Any customer may request that the City perform one meter test at no charge every two years, all additional meter tests shall be assessed a $25.00 charge.

Residential and Commercial Water Tap-in Fees

Over two (2) inches, total cost of materials, plus one thousand dollars ($1,000.00)


Commercial Deposits: Water

Call City Hall at 863-946-0711 for Commercial Water Deposits. Deposits are based on load.

Commercial Deposits: Electrical

The Deposit for commercial service shall be the greater of $225.00; two times the average of the last three full months of bills at the same meter location; or, for a new service, the equivalent of a bill for two months with demand based on 75 percent of the service capacity and energy based on a 30 percent load factor.

Commercial Deposits: Sewer

4 inch meter and above is pursuant to Utility Service Agreement

Commercial Base Rate: Water

Any user with a Water Meter 3” and above to be determined on a case-by-case basis upon anticipated usage and or demand

Commercial Rate: Electrical